Dating and Hooking up with someone much younger

Sometimes dating someone much younger than you brings a negative stigma towards you. There are also a lot of myths that shroud the entire idea of dating someone who might be half your age. If you’re having trouble dating people who are much younger than you, it doesn’t have to be difficult. Once you understand the circumstance you can lose sight of those myths and focus on what you ultimately want: getting laid.

Myths surrounding dating someone younger than you…

Be ready to deal with immaturity

Saying that all people are immature is like saying all men are abusive…it simply is not true. Some younger people may be immature simply because of age but if you’re going to be dating there’s obviously a grace period where you can vet them to see if they are the right person for you. Personally, I am 35, which is not old by any means but I meet a lot of women on Snapsext¬†who are in their early 20s who are still in college and I haven’t had much issue. Many of these same women I dated here and there but it didn’t last because I did not want a long term relationship. You can almost say that I was the immature one because I played most of these women just looking for sex and promising a longer term fling. Age is just a number, and maturity comes with experience, so don’t fall for this misconception.

Lack of commonality 

Another common myth when it comes to dating someone younger than you is having no common ground in terms of interest between the two of you. This can be true, but think of it like this: you guys met on an app like Snapsext. What does that mean? That means right off the bat you guys had a similarity in looking for sex or hooking up through an app and that both of you love sending sext messages to strangers. Think of your parents, they are much older than you, but I’m sure you have some things in common. The same applies in this situation.

Younger people will come after your money

While this may be true in a lot of instances, its really easy to tell. Don’t flaunt your money right off the bat and see how she is. If you guys meet on Snapsext then she’s probably already looking for a hookup so it does not matter. This is a huge misconception and you shouldn’t bother with keeping your mind on it .

Perception from others

If you care enough about how others feel about your personal life when it comes to dating so much that it gets to a point where you let it dictate your decisions, then you gotta reevaluate where you are in life. You should never let anyone dictate what you are free and able to do because of simply what they think. It is your life and not theirs. Do whatever the hell you want!



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