Dirty talking to your partner

Dirty talk skills are essential if you’re on the online dating hunt, especially if you’re looking for sex. You need to be able to turn on the woman you meet if you want to eventually hookup with her. In order to turn her on, you need to know how to talk dirty to her! If you’re a novice at this, it can seem daunting at first, but once you get the hang of it, its really simple!

Here are a couple tips on how to improve your dirty talk skills:

Forget What You’ve Learned From Porn

If you have watched porn before, you’ve probably seen some of the ridiculous story lines they have. Porn is obviously fake, and is meant as entertainment. The dialogue should not be taken seriously as scenarios in such films are not realistic. Chance are if you imitate some of the ‘dirty talk’ that you learn from porn, you will end up failing miserably. Throw out what you’ve learned from your favorite porn videos and keep on reading.

Don’t be afraid to use inappropriate language

Your choice of vocabulary when you dirty talk isn’t nearly as same as what you use at work. Don’t be afraid to use curse words to emphasize some of the dirty things you say. Turning on the woman you meet on popular apps such as Snapsext generally requires explicit language. A great way to turn her off is if you’re talking to her using children’s vocabulary. Although using explicit language is imperative, you should note that using words like cunt or bitch should be avoided as many women take that to a serious offense. You want to turn her on but be respectful at the same time.

keep calm and talk dirty to me

Don’t be afraid to ask her intimate questions 


Asking your woman questions can help turn on the mood and get her horny. She doesn’t even need to answer them, you just want to get her excited. Think of this as the same type of questions you were asked when you were chatting with her on the online dating platform you were using. It is essentially the same thing. Asking questions can make someone feel good about themselves and turn them on.

Here are some examples:

“Do you like the way that makes you feel?”

“Do you want me to go faster babe?”

“I want to hear you cum”

“Do you like it when I do that?”

When you are in that intimate moment, asking questions like this can help put her over the edge and get her really horny or even make her cum.

Make sure you use the right tone when talking

Your tone is really important when you dirty talk. Tonality is important in general when you speak to someone! Be sure you are using an appropriate tone when you talk to your partner or else you can really turn her off! Some people prefer to be more aggressive while others prefer to be more soft-spoken. Figure out what works for you!

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