Facts about dating apps that you must know

If you are brand new to using dating sex apps like Snapsext or Tinder, there are a couple facts that need to be laid out for you before you begin. They are relatively important for you to know and it can ultimate help you get laid.

Facts about dating apps that you must know

Everyone Uses or has tried Dating Apps

You’d be surprised of the amount of people who are on dating apps. Your old neighbor has probably tried one from one time to another. The point is, everyone is either trying to find love or have sex, or both. That’s what makes apps like Snapsext or Tinder so popular. You have a lot to choose from when you’re on these apps!

Online dating is a commitment

Like anything in life, if you want something you need to work for it. Same thing goes for getting laid, as its not particularly easy right away on these apps. If you half ass your profile or your messaging efforts, you will be not successful with the women you meet from these sites!

Stay committed to dating online

Volume and quality both matter

People often say quality over quantity. I say why not both? Your first date probably won’t be successful no matter who it is in terms of being a great hookup or date. The point like I said is to practice so you might as well take every opportunity you get! Once you get a hang you can work on meeting more quality people.

Be Upfront with your date

Don’t beat around the bush as I like to say. Say exactly what you want by being upfront with your date. If you are, you may fail a bit more because not all women are sometimes trying to have sex but at least you won’t waste your time.

Perfect your profile

Your dating profile means more than you probably think. Put a lot of effort in perfecting your online dating profile as it can make or break it for a lot of women who see you online.

Research the person

This may sound weird but try to look up the person you are about to hookup with or go on a date with. Things you might find can help fuel a good steamy conversation.

Meet up in person

If you don’t have the intention to meet up with the person then you might as well not even use dating apps. Using sexting apps like Snapsext can make this process easier as you can easily webcam each other before meeting up to see if shes real.

Don’t lie

Lying can hurt your reputation in the long run. Just be yourself or else the lying might become a habit. If she doesn’t like you for being you then she is not worth your time!

Dont lie when it comes to online dating


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