Does Garlic help you get the ladies?

There have been rumors lately sprawling around the internet that garlic can help attract women! Can garlic really do this? I did my own research when I started seeing this trend online and here is what I found.

On the internet right now, there are a lot of articles creating buzz about this garlic concept. According to a study done by Psychology Today, your pheromones / your body odor has a subconscious impact on your level of attractiveness. There is a chemical released after eating garlic that is picked up subconsciously by women that can ultimately turn them on. Now, I’m not saying that eating a ton of garlic is going to cause women to line up at your door with their panties dropped to the floor. I think what this study is trying to convey is that eating garlic can be of similar value to having a nice haircut, or having fresh breath.

It is pretty easy to incorporate garlic into your diet if you are already not. What I personally do is have three separate meals a week that incorporate garlic. If you are unfamiliar with garlic, just google recipes that use garlic! Personally, I like to use it in my pasta.

If you want to kill two birds with one stone, just take your girl you meet through lets say Snapsext or Tinder to a restaurant that serves garlic in their foods. She won’t even know what you’re up to. I don’t always do this but if I’m feeling lazy and I want to impress a girl by taking her out to a nice Italian restaurant for a potential hookup date, then I do so. Start munching on that garlic!


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