How to get a girl to have sex or hookup with you

Let me preface this blog post before I continue that there is no secret formula or script that will help you hookup or have sex with a girl every single time. Girls are not a math equation, they are human too. If you insist that there is you might as well give up on dating because you will never be successful. I’m going to share with you some of the tips I’ve learned over the years from mentors and alike that have helped me dominate the online dating world. Hopefully this can help you with your game and help you land some attractive women in the near future!

Get a girl to hookup with you:

1) Be clear and seduce her

If you meet a woman on Tinder or Sanpsext and you go out for drinks, let her know right off the bat that you think she’s physically attractive. This sets the precedence for the rest of the time you are with her. I don’t suggest just saying blatantly that you want to have sex with her because that won’t get you anywhere. Women can’t handle that sort of bluntness so you gotta play the game. Rather than be blunt, you need to be able to impress her through your personality.

2) Generate Sexual Tension

Creating a sexual energy or sexual tension between the two of you is what I also recommend if you’re looking to hookup. If there is no sexual tension you will never get laid! Sexual tension can be built through compliment, body language or touch. Once you’re at a heightened sexual tension, all you need to do is push it to the next level and you will get laid.

Now you might be wondering how do you use your words, body language or touch to incite this sort of  tension. I suggest you read books on body language. There are tons on Amazon that I think are good. By leaning in close to her, and paying attention to the way she positions herself, you can play her by her body language. Teasing her can also get excited as well, and a simple touch on her hand can get her going as well.

Getting laid can be difficult if you don’t follow these rules. Using the best hookup apps can also greatly benefit your chances of getting laid faster. Women on apps such as Snapsext are looking for one thing, sex, you just have to meet them halfway and impress them.

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