Grammar matters in Online Dating

If you’re an avid reader of mine, you’d probably noticed that I have pretty good grammar and spelling and pretty good English. I do my best to proof read all my writing before it goes live on the site and make sure its readable. Why do I put so much time and effort? So I can effectively communicate my thoughts over to you, the readers.

The same concept should be applied on your end when you’re dating online. When using apps like Sex Messenger or Snapsext, you have to effectively communicate through your texts to get your message across. If you use bad grammar or spelling, it reflects poorly on your efforts whether you like it or not.

Using good grammar and spelling can may or break a hookup situation. All you need to do is put in extra step of proof reading your messages before hand. Is English not your native language? It may be more difficult for you to spell and utilize proper grammar if English is not your native language. You can use applications like Microsoft Word or Grammarly to type out your phrases or texts and see if the messages make sense!

Google teamed up with eHarmony to do a survey that sees how poor grammar and mistakes in spelling can affect dating online. They got over 10,000 responses ¬†and the study determined that men who used the word ‘women’ over ‘girl’ had a 30% higher success rate and men who used the word ‘whom’ had a 31% higher success rate.

For men, if you have two or more spelling or grammar mistakes in your bio itself, that automatically lowers your success rate of hooking up by 14%. Women don’t need to worry as much but men, you are being judged on how you write!

The study surprisingly showed that many women prefer good grammar over confidence to my surprise. This does make sense though as nobody wants to meet up with a stranger who sounds illiterate or just plain stupid. Being confident but talking like a 4th grader doesn’t really look too well when you think about it.

Ultimately, you need to touch on your grammar or spelling if you’re failing on that end. Sounding literate and like a normal human being is apparently a huge must for women these days and you can’t get away with sounding like a fourth grader anymore.


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