Half Night Stand Hookups: The New Thing

With hookup culture moving more towards the online realm these days, a lot about it has changed. Apparently these days the good ol’ one night stand is now out of fashion. There’s a new trend called the half night stand that is taking the hookup world by storm.

The Half Night Stand is now The One Night Stand

The concept of a one night stand is now a thing of the past. A one night stand consists of basically having sex, cuddling, etc. and then waking up the next morning in the stranger’s bed. These days, the cuddling part and waking up in someone’s bed is now dwindling. The rise of hookup apps such as Tinder and Snapsext has made the act of sex so straight forward that the whole cuddling concept and sleeping over is now disappearing.

This can be credited to the point of being straight forward with no extra BS, or just how busy we’ve made our lives in the past decade or so. The whole courting action of hooking up is pretty much gone, for the better or worse.

The half night stand seems to be taking off more than ever in the UK. According toDiana Appleyard, “Sex is disposable — you do it, go home and laugh with mates about it on Facebook.” The days of people wanting to go for coffee and hang all day after the act of hooking up is over.

According to Cosmo, “Millennial women aren’t getting what they want in bed. So they’re leaving early.” Whether you a two pump chump or you’re kicking these women out early, there’s definitely a trend in where the hookup culture is going these days.

Meeting someone at a bar, or if you’re in school, is the best way to achieve the new ‘half night stand’. With the prevalence of hookup apps such as Tinder and Snap sext, it is no wonder that the culture of having sex with no strings attached is moving this direction.

These days spending extra time with a stranger might be seen as awkward and unnecessary. You go home after the bar, you have sex for 10 minutes, and you call her an uber home. You wake up the next morning and you don’t have to deal with breakfast for her or any other nonsense. This used to be frowned upon, kicking out your ‘guest’ early but now it just seems like the norm.


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