How to breakup with your girlfriend

Breaking up with someone isn’t an easy thing to do, but it is a part of life that everyone experiences. If they come out of nowhere they can be especially bad or even traumatizing for some. If you need to move on from someone but don’t know how to let them down easy, know that there are many ways to do so and I will highlight them below!

The key is to be careful the way you breakup with your girlfriend, especially if you still want to be on good terms with her after you break up. Before I started the whole online dating and using Snap sext and Sex Messenger, I had several girlfriends over the course of a couple years and I learned a thing or two about breaking up. Here is the list I came up with!


How To BreakUp With Someone Without Being An Asshole

Be Sensitive about the moment

If you want to still be on good terms with your girlfriend after the breakup, you need to find the perfect moment and the right words to convey the breakup. Word your words in a way that won’t make her feel bad with a reason, even if you don’t have a good one. This can help mitigate any bad damage going forward. Be sure your girlfriend isn’t in any heightened sense and that she is calm before you bust out the storm on her.

Find the right place

Choosing a place for a breakup is really important. It’s better to choose a calm and peaceful place preferably where there are no other people around you. Also choose a place that holds no significance between the two of you, such as the place you first met. You don’t want to do this in any familiar places because it may ruin that spot for her and you don’t want to be associated with that sort of thing.

Breaking up at the mall or a restaurant for example would be a terrible place. Breaking up in your room or her house would also be a terrible place because it is an enclosed area. Like I said, choose an open area where it feels like she won’t be trapped in.

Don’t Do It Online or Over the Phone

You may be thinking of taking the easy way out by breaking up with your girlfriend via online or through text, but this is possibly one of the worst ways to do it even though its the easiest. This can easily set it up for an argument leaving you two in resentment. You want to do it in person to potentially leave her in a positive note rather than on a negative one.

How to breakup with your girlfriend

Don’t bring any anger or negative emotion into it

There is already going to be an ocean of emotion that will come surging at you when you announce the break up, so there is no need to bring in any unnecessary anger or other negative emotions. She may even become angry with you or try to argue her way out of it, or at the worst, start crying. Sometimes you cannot control how she will react but you can control how you react. You must remain calm the entire time and not lose yourself. That way, you can try at your best to calm her down if she starts freaking out.

At the end of the day, your goal is to put her down in the best way possible for her. You cannot be selfish with this sort of approach. After you get over this speed bump, you can start hooking up and dating girls again from online dating sites. Once it is done, you can finally move on! If you’re on the fence right now as you read this, try to identify any relationship red flags that you may have between you and your girlfriend. Once you have determined what you need to do, DO IT!

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