Ideas for An Ideal Date Location

Once you get used to it, meeting women online is pretty easy. I use to have a difficult time doing so until I learned about all the things necessary to gain my confidence.

A key factor in meeting women online is the location. Where do you set up the date? Ultimately, the location you choose can decide whether you two end up hooking up later on that night.

I meet women on Snapsext all the time and I’ve figured out a good list of places to take these women I meet.

Here is my guide on date locations from the women I’ve met on Snapsext

From what I’ve figured out, try to avoid the restaurants for lunch or dinner, or even a movie. Eating is just so bland and boring these days, and its overrated. Movies are difficult, especially in the theatre because you just sit there in silence the entire time.

If you want to be adventurous, take advantage of your outside surroundings. Go for a hike, play some tennis, or just anything to get the adrenaline going. Even if she doesn’t know how to do the activity you may have planned it might be fun to teach her! If you don’t know how to do the activity it might be fun to learn together! It will definitely make the date a lot more memorable and personal.

For example, if you are fortunate to live by the beach like I do, you can take her out on some surfing lessons. It would be enjoyable on a nice sunny day and then afterwards you can just spend some time on the beach, grab a couple drinks and have fun. Given that you guys spent such an intimate and different moment will make the rest of the day a lot easier for you to set yourself up to hookup with her.

Beach Date Ideas


If you don’t live by the beach, you can take her to your local fair or somewhere where both of you can play some games and win prizes! It brings in a competitive spirit that she would see as fun even if you win or lose. You guys can compete against each other too!

These are just a couple ideas that I have used in the past. Be creative and don’t take your woman out somewhere that is bland and boring!

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