Impressing a girl you meet online

We live our lives every day trying to impress others, whether we like it or not, that’s how it is. If you want to hook up, you must know how to impress a girl because if you can’t do this then you’ll never get any. Here are a few suggestions for those that wish to get laid.

In today’s culture, everything is about impressing other people. Whether it’d be getting that new iPhone, a brand new car, it applies to a lot of the different faucets of life. When it comes to dating and impressing women, it is no different.

Here are my four tips on how to impress a girl!

Don’t Chase

All women love a challenge, and they see dating as so. If you chase a girl, and basically make it too easy for her, she won’t be interested. You gotta leave a lil bit of mystery and play the game with her, not give her all the cards. Giving her constant attention will make her bored of you and that’s the last thing you want.

Don’t say stupid shit

What you say can greatly influence how a girl feels about you. Don’t say anything that may offend her or that you won’t regret later. This applies to both online dating, such as on apps such as Snapsext or Tinder and when you’re talking to her face to face. You got a lot of competition out there and one wrong misstep may have her running to the next guy! If you’re sending her nude selfies or videos, the same applies as well if what you say or what your write in your caption.

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Keep Her On Her Toes

Girls love excitement and playfulness. Don’t let her control you or “get you” because this is all a game, once she wins, she will move on to the next. The less she “got you” the higher the chance you will have sex with her. Girls basically love a challenge, and as I mentioned earlier, if you give her all you got to give, there is no challenge left and she will move on. Don’t be a clinger or too needy.

Be The Bad boy

No woman will ever openly admit it but most tend to go for the bad boys, especially the girls looking for a hookup. A lot of the nice guys dont understand this but they see going after the bad boy as an adventure. If you act like a badass however, be sure you still respect her to a certain degree or you can lose her entirely if you’re a too big of a dick.

That pretty much sums it all up. It seems pretty simple but you have to keep them in mind if you want to get laid!

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