How to meet girls in college

Let’s face it, you’re probably a freshman in college reading this and you’re desperate to meet some ladies in your new found home. College is a breeding ground for no strings attached sex and one / half night stands. I graduated college a couple years ago and I met plenty of women and hooked up with them during my time there, so I thought it’d be appropriate to write about this. I also had a lot of readers request a blog post about this.

Sometimes it may be difficult to meet girls in a place you’re not familiar with especially if you don’t have a core group of friends yet. If you’re naturally a social person, you should be able to pick up on this art fairly quick, but if you’re more of the awkward type you’re going to need to work on your social skills and what better place to do that than in college. Don’t fear being awkward as we’ve all been there. Some people just take longer to grow than others. Like everything else, if you put work into your social skills, you will grow from it and grow out of that awkwardness.

Being on a college campus, you have endless opportunities to meet new people, especially women. Take this opportunity to practice and eventually you will strike gold!

Here is a list of places you can potentially meet girls at your college:

The thing about being a college freshman is that you are fresh out of high school and many of you are living on your own for the first time in your lives. This makes it somewhat nerve racking in the beginning but regardless you need to get over those nerves because you’re going to get over it eventually, so why not sooner?


Dating App Sites and Social Media

On social media specifically, its become increasingly popular for your colleges to have college group pages such as Class of 2019, Free & For Sale, Music Groups etc. This is a great way to interact with people with similar interests and given that most students these days have a facebook, you can easily meet women on there within these groups.

For dating apps, they run rampant at colleges. The whole culture of hooking up is crazy today as there are so many horny girls who just want to have sex and nothing more. You’re bound to meet plenty of women through these apps. Some I would recommend are Snap Sext, Tinder, Bumble, and Sex Messenger. I can guarantee that if you perfect your dating profiles, you will meet plenty of single girls through this method.

Snapsext App Homepage
SnapSext is a good way to meet girls in your college. Click on the pic for more info.

In your classes
The people in your classes will probably be some of the first people you will end up meeting, and you’ll be with them for at least a couple months so might as well get to know them! There is plenty of opportunity as you can ask girls if they want to work with you on assignments by going to the library, doing group projects, or simply break the ice by asking them a random question about a problem in class! Obviously don’t try to flirt with them right off the bat and put in your end of the work in groups, but don’t be afraid to talk to her after class.

Dorms / Apartments
If you’re in the dorms or apartments, this is another great opportunity to meet girls. There are probably going to be girls down the hall so might as well introduce yourself! During the weekends, there will definitely be people trying to go out and party so you might as well put yourself out there and try to go out with the girls and drink! What better way to socialize but at a party?

Once you get to meet a group of girls, and you get along with them, you may meet all their friends too!

Meeting girls in your college dorm

Student clubs / greek life
At college, there are tons of clubs and groups you can join. With this, it gives you plenty of potential to meet girls and have some. If you’re looking for a group that is more geared towards meeting women and partying, consider joining a fraternity. I was in the fraternity Pi Kappa Alpha during my time at UCSB and let me tell you, I was hooking up with one or two different girls every weekend by barely trying. By hosting parties all the time and having status with your fraternity, women literally come flocking to you.

Meeting girls in greek life

Extra curricular activities
There are plenty of extra curricular activities I’m sure your campus hosts every weekend, such as baseball games or basketball games that you can attend to potentially meet new people. Just look up on your college’s website to see what is going on!

These options aren’t even the full list of things you could potentially do to meet women, but I listed the ones that I found to be the best in my opinion.

Do you think I missed any? Let us know in the comments below.

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