Meeting Weird Girls from Online Dating

As mentioned in other blog posts, everyone uses online dating. Given that, you’re probably going to meet some out of the ordinary girls in your endeavors. This necessarily isn’t a bad thing, as some ‘weird’ girls are actually interesting or better yet freaks in bed.

Things To Know About Weird Girls

Weird or Different outfits
It should not be a surprise that strange girls may dress differently or even weird. She might be wearing something out of the ordinary but that just may be her style. My take is if it still makes her look sexy I’m about it.

Weird Ideologies
If you meet up with a weird girl from apps such as Tinder or Snapsext, don’t be surprised if she brings up weird meet up places. You should play along just to see what happens. Who knows, it may be fun or may lead to what you’re ultimately looking for: a hookup.

Some sort of disorder
Is she acting weird? Chances are she’s not 100% in the head. That’st not necessarily a bad thing. We all got our issues. Chances are it wont even negatively affect you, she might just act a little weird.

Makes a scene
She might love the attention she gets when she’s in public. Are a lot of heads turning when you guys walking around for all the wrong reason? Yeah, she probably does that on purpose. If you can’t handle this then it might be time to end it, or stick it out and wait and you may be rewarded.

Substances make her go crazy
You may go grab coffee or drinks with this girl. Either way, you will either be consuming caffeine or alcohol, both of which she may react to in a much more intense manner. If you can handle this sort of thing it can get really fun. Try it out to see if its worth your time.

Trying to hookup is interesting
Making a move on her will definitely be different than what you experience from most girls. She might not be receptive to your moves or she might be totally weird about it. Regardless, try until you fail completely. Who knows, some of these girls lowkey love it but always have their defenses up. Don’t be too pushy but try all your options.

She has no filter
Weird girls will say weird things. Sometimes they say inappropriate things. Just hold it together and tolerate it as the end game might be worth it.

Find a weird girl can be interesting and a lot of fun. I highly suggest you try it out at least once. To have the highest chance of finding one, check out Snapsext. Read about my experience and review of snapsext here!


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