Perfecting your online dating app profile

Online dating, like regular dating, is a game within itself. Both are about first impressions, so you gotta hit a home run right off the bat. How does one do this? You have to set up your profile to catch the girl’s attention. A lot of people know this obviously, but there are certain do’s and dont’s you have to take into consideration when setting up your profile.

To be honest, it all comes down to opinion because different girls prefer different type of guys. There is however a broad generality that you should follow and some clear don’ts.


A good profile will land you what you want, a date with a girlAfter you land that date, you can potentially get what you really want, a hookup.

Here are some do’s a don’ts we compiled to help you achieve your goals:

The Do’s of Online Dating:

  1. Be factual – don’t completely lie unless you’re willing to back them up. It can be detrimental when you get caught up in a lie.
  2. Stand out – emphasize your unique qualities. Doing so exerts confidence and will increase your chances of a hookup.
  3. Be playful – Everyone likes some playful, especially if you guys decide to snapsext. Be fun no one likes a bore.
  4. Be detailed but not too detailed – everyone loves a mystery, but not too much….

The Don’ts of Online Dating:

  1.  Don’t be shy You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. Don’t skip an opportunity to send someone a message.
  2. Don’t be negative – Its really unattractive when you’re negative. Have a positive attitude.
  3.  Don’t be afraid to say what you want – You won’t get you want without being straightforward.
  4. Don’t be overboard – If you talk with an exclamation mark or over excitement with each message, it can be seen as too much. Talk like a normal person.

If you follow these rules and put your own twist on it, you’ll be snap sexting women in no time. Good luck to all you online daters!

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