How having a pet might get you laid more

I’m an animal lover and I truly believe that dogs enrich the lives of their owners. It’s no secret that there are many advantages to owning a dog. In fact, adopting a puppy may help you get laid more. I know, it sounds absolutely crazy, but if you’re a single guy and you want to get laid more, it may be time to get yourself a pet wingman i.e. a cute puppy.

I love animals. If you didn’t know from my other posts, I used to work at a pet product company and we had animals all over our office, so dogs and cats are like family to me. Now regardless if you’re an animal person or not, you should know that all women love pets, especially dogs. If she doesn’t then she’s probably crazy and you shouldn’t even waste your time (unless she’s got allergies then that’s understandable).

Dogs playing at the park

Having a dog can definitely help you get laid. Puppies are the perfect wingman. Think of it like this, when you go to the dog park or just go for a walk with your dog, you’re bound to run into women exercising or walking as well, and its the perfect conversation starter. Once you get that conversation going, its like the same concept of online dating, you need to impress her!

A dog as a wingman can make your hookup dreams come true…

If you’re unfamiliar of the power of dogs on women, you may think I’m making this up! I’m not! I actually own two yellow labs and I take them out on walks every day in the Silverlake area in Northeast Los Angeles. When I do this, I always run into many different women who are either exercising or walking their dogs and they always comment on how cute my dogs are! This is how I start a conversation and eventually get their numbers. I’ll let you in on a little secret, if our dogs start mingling and are playful with each other, I tell the woman I meet that we should set up a ‘date’ for our dogs. That way I can get her number and then hit her up later. If we do set up a ‘date’ for our dogs, I usually bring my dog over to her place and we talk and eventually start having sex. It’s that easy!

Still don’t believe me? Check out this study. A team of scientists conducted a survey asking women if they thought pet owners were more attractive and low and behold, the answer is yes. Just from my labs alone I have hooked up with dozes of different women. Not only do you get the love and loyalty from an awesome dog, but you get all the women from it too. It’s a complete win win situation.

Dogs help you hookup with women

If you’re not a dog person, don’t go thinking this same methodology with a cat will work out the same. Although I absolutely love cats, for some reason women generally don’t see cats as an attractive animal. I presume the reasoning behind this is because they aren’t naturally outgoing and overly affectionate animals. You also can’t walk a cat as well. I own a cat as well but that is never really something I make clear to any women I end up meeting.

Investing in dogs has been one of the best things I’ve done for my own personal happiness and of course for hooking up for women. They are the best wingmen I’ve ever had and will always be better than your best friend. Your dog can and will never cock block you, and even if you fail, you dog will be there for you no matter what. They don’t call them man’s best friend for nothing.

If you’re more on an online dating person still, using apps such as Tinder or Snapsext, then a dog can still help you as a wingman. Having a picture with your dog on your online dating profile can greatly increase your chances of interacting with many different women. I’ve hooked up with a variety of women who have told me afterwards the only reason why they wanted to meet me was they saw my dog’s picture. That may be taken as a bit insulting but I still got her in my bed so it worked out in the end.

As an animals rights advocate, I have to advise you to not simply get a dog for hooking up with women. Be sure that you are ready and have all the necessary resources to care for one. My dogs are my best friends and I treat them like family, and if you are considering getting one now you should do the same. I also recommend that you adopt a dog if you want one from your local animal shelter. Not only are they free, but you are saving their lives from potentially being euthanized. Buying puppies sometimes come from abusive puppy mills which are basically dog farms. Don’t support these criminals by spending hundreds of dollars on their dogs.

Did you feel like I missed anything? Feel free to comment below!


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