Red Flags in Online Dating

If you’re more about the long term dating versus the no strings attached hooking up that you find in online dating, then you should read this. I’m going to highlight the red flags I’ve noticed in my time in the dating scene from apps like Tinder and Snapsext. Identifying these red flags can help you tell if there’s a looming breakup or if the proverbial shit is about hit the fan.

Red Flags in Online Dating

Being Lazy
If the person you’re dating is lazy about everything, like meeting up, making plans, or just doing anything in general, that’s a red flag. A relationship should fall on both of you equally, and if you’re doing more work than the other person then that’s a sign that you might need to move on.

Bad at Sex
If you’re not having a good time having sex with your partner, that is another red flag. I’ve literally have ended relationships over this because I feel like while I was hooking up with my date, she wasn’t into it anymore as she used to be. Don’t waste your time with this BS. Move on and find someone else.

If your girl is dirty or unhygienic, that’s another red flag. Bad hygiene is easily taken care of, and if they can’t take the simple steps to get this done that only says so much about your guy’s future together. Move on.

Bad hygiene in dating

Long Distance
Doing long distance pretty much always never works out, especially if sex is a large part of your relationship. It may work out for a couple months but then the fights will start happening and all this other drama will appear. It’s best to cut that off as soon as possible and you’ll save a lot of time and money traveling.

No sense of humor
We all have to deal with every day life which is serious and boring. Without any humor in your intimate moment you won’t get really far. You need to have some sort of sense of humor to impress women you meet. Simple as that.

Smoking & Drugs
Smoking is associated with bad breath and terrible hygiene. Of course it is detrimental to your overall health as well. Drugs can be a precursor for a lot other problems. Don’t deal with this sort of stuff when you’re dating unless you’re all about the chaos and drama.

Smoking dating

These are many of the red flags I’ve noticed in my past dating experience. I hope you can take stuff away from reading this and improve your own dating experiences.

Do you think I missed any red flags? Let us know in the comments below!

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