How to text a girl you want to hookup with

We’ve all been there where we met a girl whether in real life or online through an app such as Snap Sext or Sex Messenger where we really wanted to hookup with, more so than any other girl during that time. You get to the point where you are talking to her and then you text her the wrong thing, and the conversation dies from there. If you haven’t had this issue, you’re probably going to run into it at least once, especially if you’re an avid online dater. I’ve done this plenty of times and I’m writing this for you today to help you avoid those issues!

Here is my advice as to what not to text to a girl you want to hookup with:

Don’t text her past 1:30 AM.

Any late night text only means one thing, you want to have sex. Sure I always say you gotta be straight forward, but if you guys aren’t at that point yet, you’re pushing it way too much. Sure she might be down but if she hasn’t decided yet, that will automatically count you out and you’ll lose your chance forever. Women in general do not like this sort of behavior so don’t think about doing this no matter how tempting or how drunk you are. If you are trying to establish something, text her earlier in the night. Maybe meet up for drinks. The point is that you want to make yourself be known early in the night rather than later or else you’re done for.

Late night dirty texts

No Dick Pics

Don’t send her a dick pic unless she asks. It’s that simple. If a woman isn’t in the mood to see your cock, she will be more so disgusted by you rather than turned on. No woman thinks to herself “Wow what a nice dick pic, I’m so horny right now after that” from an unsuspected dick pic. Women much rather see your dick in person to be quiet honest so please by all means avoid that if possible, unless you don’t want to talk to her anymore.

Don’t send her more than two messages in a row

Sending a back to back messages is already bad enough. Any more than that and you’re off the deep end. If she isn’t responding she may be busy or maybe not even interested. Regardless, sending her that many texts in a row shows that you are desperate, and that’s the last thing you want to be seen as. Wait for her to text you back and if she doesn’t you gotta move on.

Don’t send her dirty sext messages unless warranted

When texting a girl, you don’t want to be too dirty unless there’s a reason to be. Some women absolutely love dirty sexting but you can’t just be doing it out of the blue. You gotta be already texting her and ultimately get her in the mood or else you’re gona come off as weird or a creep. Being too forward puts you at a disadvantage.

That is pretty much it! Do you have any bad experiences you want to share? Comment below.

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