The Weekend Hookups: a How to

Planning dates ahead of time are usually a thing with online dating, as we all have busy schedules and can’t usually meet up until the weekend. The weekends are a perfect time for dates and hookups because most people are not working and on top of that you can go out and party, and have a wild time and stay up late having sex without worrying about the consequences tomorrow as you most likely have nothing to do. As an experienced user of Snap Sext, I’ve planned many dates on the weekend and have been fairly succesful in the past. I’m going to share with you what I tend to do and my routine that works for me generally most of the time.

Here’s my how to on weekend hookups:

1)  Start flirting early

Once you start compiling women early in the week, start your flirting early so you can set something up by the weekend. Not all of the women are going to respond naturally, but show what you want early so you can filter out any uninterested women. I usually hear back from about a third of these women. Warm them up in a good way and you’ll get what you want on the weekends! The other advantage of striking early is that you will beat out other men who are talking to her as well. If she makes plans with you first then you got her!

2)  Eat Healthy Food

Eating and drinking well throughout the week has proven to improve not only your physical health, but your mental health as well. You want to have a sharp mind when meeting up with some of these ladies from snapsext, and ultimately, you want to look good as well. Also, you don’t want to feel sick the next day after eating McDonalds from the night before. Eat healthy, its really not that hard! Here is more info on eating healthy.

3)  Upkeep yourself

If you have a lot of hair, or just hair in general, make sure it always look good. Trim or shave your facial hair. Be aware of your pubic hair as well! No one wants to sleep with an unkept person who looks dirty. Keeping yourself clean is an essential and if you don’t do that you might as well not even bother reading the rest of the advice on this page!

4)  Have the essentials stocked

Always be prepared for any sexual situation if you’re playing the game. Have a TV, and a couple movies ready at all times. Keep an assortment of red and white wine for the ladies if they like that sort of stuff. Keep some hard liquor and beer as well! Snacks don’t hurt either. Ultimately, if you’re going to have sex, be sure you have condoms and whatever else you usually use ready! Nothing is worse than being ready to have sex but not having protection.

5) Have a clean living environment

Staying clean is another must. Make sure your room is clean ultimately over anything else, because that is most likely where you will be having sex. On top of that, make sure your bathroom is clean and that you have clean towels and other toiletries ready for your hookup buddy to use after you’re done having sex. Sometimes bathroom sex happens as well so you need to have it clean. Sometimes there’s no better place to have a date than in your home, so keep it clean boys!

I hope my advice has helped! Go get her!

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