Unspoken Casual Dating Rules

There are many rules today when its comes to dating that many surprisingly don’t understand. Dating and hooking up culture have changed a lot in the past 20 years because of the introduction of technology and dating websites. Dating websites, such as Snapsext, Tinder, or Bumble, have made it much easier for singles to meet instantly and hook up.

Here are some of the unspoken dating rules that everyone must know today:

Ask her out, don’t expect her to do so.

This is a classic rule that is still applicable in today’s dating scene. This is very applicable to online dating as well. Even though you should ask her out, doesn’t mean women never do so. It is just the social norm for women to be asked by men, so you have to accept that responsibility. If you’re using apps like Snapsext to ask a girl out on a date, try to be straight forward as possible as tonality can be lost in text, or alternatively video chat her. Women expect to be asked out, so you better start getting used to it!

Be Honest About What You Want

If all you’re looking for is to hook up and to have sex, let that be known. These type of hookups were more so frowned upon back in the day, but now no strings attached one night stands are more common than ever. Be straightforward with the woman you’re talking to and if she’s about it, then you’ll get somewhere with her. If not, move on! Don’t get attached.

Call her if you get a chance

Similar to being honest, being straight forward is also another key factor. Calling and easily achieve this as you can hear the tone of the conversation rather than guessing through sexting. Alternatively you can video chat on snapsext which can be seen as the same as calling in a way, or maybe even better since its almost as if you were face to face with her. Most women prefer phone calls as well because it shows confidence, so try to avoid texting if possible..

Keep the drama and baggage at the door

The last thing anyone wants with someone is drama or dealing with their past relationships. If you can’t handle your past, you won’t be successful in terms of dating and hooking up because no one will want to spend time with you.

That pretty all the advice I have. Got something that you think I missed? Comment below.


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