Using Dating Apps Abroad

Whether if you’re in college right now, or you’re about to take a three month vacation at your job, you have the chance to travel abroad with friends. If you are planning on doing so, then check out our advice on what you need to do if you want to have successful hookup abroad!

A Few Tips Using Dating Apps Abroad

Make your location is locked on

If you use your dating apps a lot like Sex Messenger or Snapsext, you know that it geolocates based on your current location. Some apps however require that you manually refresh or that you adjust the settings. Make sure you do that whenever you head to a new area and you won’t miss out on any potential matches! Without doing this you will never see any potential singles in your area!

Sex Messenger

Have protection on you

No I’m not talking about carrying a knife or gun, I’m talking about condoms. If you plan on having sex with women you meet on these hookup apps, you’re definitely going to need protection. Now I’m not insinuating that foreign girls may have a higher chance of having an STD or anything, I’m just saying that you don’t want to have any worries while you’re on vacation!

Don’t Drink to black out

Don’t drink to the point where you wont remember what you did the night before. You still can have drinking moderately and hookup with girls. The reason why you don’t want to go overboard is because you’re in a different country and blacking out can come with serious consequences as you can get robbed or taken advantage of. The reason why I bring this out is because many studies show that individuals are more prone to blacking out abroad then at home.

Don’t get attached

This may sound like common sense, but you won’t believe how many of my readers come to me with this issue. When you’re abroad and trying to hook up with girls, your objective is to hit it and quit it. You’re only there for the most a couple months, getting attached will do you no good in the long run and can ruin your entire trip. If you go in with that mindset your trip will be a blast!

Now that you are informed, be prepared! I had the opportunity to travel to Spain, Argentina, Uruguay, Thailand, France and Germany when I was in college. I would highly recommend going to Spain or Germany if you’re trying to hook up with random women!

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