Using Dirty Texts to Increase Your Game

As a long time online dater, I’ve learned many different tricks that I have picked up along the way that have made my experience much more pleasurable if you know what I mean. From using Snapsext for an extended period of time, I’ve sent a lot of messages to random women I’ve met . I always login four times a day to check and send messages to see what I can get throughout the week. Being able to and practicing the art of sending dirty texts has greatly improved my sex life and my overall life in general.



Dirty texts

Catch her attention

Did you read the crazy dirty text above? Stuff like that has been circulating for years now, and although this won’t get you laid it definitely is eye catching and can break the ice between you and a stranger you meet on a site. It’s a great intro to a long sexting conversation as it sets the precedence of the convo. It turns out from one of my friends that he actually used that message last Christmas on Snapsext and he carried on a conversation with the girl he met. He eventually met up with her on New Years eve and brought in the New Years in her bed.

The moral of this story is to ultimately be creative with your approach. That text highlighted above is ridiculous, but it worked! Sometimes stupid shit like this can get your message across in a clearer way. Get on your dating app of choice and try it out! It is almost the weekend so you got some time to figure it out, and remember if you fail keep trying.


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