Words to Avoid saying on Online Dating Apps

Dating online is like dating in real life, you have to make sure you say the right things and know when to talk. From my experience on hookup apps such as Sex Messenger or Snap sext App, you have to be careful what you say and have a filter when you talk or you can completely ruin your chances.

What You Shouldn’t Say on Online Dating Apps

If you’re already matched with a woman, this is a list of stuff you should typically avoid on any online dating service. Don’t mention any of this stuff in the chat function!

Saying “I’m Sorry”
According to Mashable, saying sorry or apologizing for anything when chatting to a potential hookup partner lowers your chance of landing a date significantly. To be exact, it lowers your chance by almost 60%. That is over half the women you’ll meet! Stick to your guns men, don’t use the word ‘sorry’.

Saying the word “Mom”
This is online dating, where you’re trying to have sex and hookup with women you meet. The last thing you want to bring up is your mom. Nobody cares about your mom and there is absolutely no reason to bring her up in these kind of situations at all.

Saying “Ex-Girlfriend”
I thought this would be obvious but after seeing so many of my readers’s conversations on Sex Messenger and Snap Sext I was appalled by how many were making this mistake. Never EVER mention anything about your ex girlfriend to any girl you are talking to in the present. There’s a reason why you two broke up and nobody wants to deal with your past or your baggage. Don’t even include a picture of you and your ex in your profile because that can lead to questions about it. Doing so will never get you laid and the woman will simply move on to another guy!

Saying “Tomorrow/This Weekend/Next Weekend”
When you’re trying to meet up with a woman, meet up with her ASAP. Don’t put her off, make her think she’s a priority. A woman when she matches with you will have a grace period of a couple hours before she may get over you and move on. This isn’t applicable to all women obviously but the point is that she’s probably matching with other men, don’t put her off to give another guy an opportunity to take your spot in her bed.

This is pretty much it from my experience. Be sure you never say any of the things I listed!

Got anything that I may have missed? Had any bad experiences with certain words? Let me know in the comments below!


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