Four Best Hookup Apps of 2016

It is 2016. Dating is becoming more digitalized through mobile and web applications and whether you like it or not, or think its weird, its here to stay! Some may argue that dating and hooking up these days is much harder because of technology and how it is made socialization much more difficult and awkward for the younger generations.

Dating apps, although sound like what they are, have been used for more than just dating. It has become increasingly popular for single men and women to use them as hookup apps. Basically, they skip all the bullshit of dating and talking and get straight to the sex.

Here’s a list of the four best hookup apps we’ve compiled for 2016:

1. Snapsext App

Snapsext App
Snapsext App

Snapsext is a relatively new hookup app that is pretty much an improved version of Tinder. By improved we mean a better functionality of chat with picture and videos and even calling. There are also barely any fakes and is centralized around the idea of quick hookups in your local area. In my opinion, the Snapsext app is my favorite from these bunch as I’ve had the best experience with it and use it the most.

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2. Fuckswipe

Fuckswipe App
Fuckswipe App

Fuckswipe is relatively unknown but a great new hookup app that has a lot of potential. It is also similar to Tinder but has a much smaller user base. It has a lot of filters to help you find who you want to specifically look for and potentially hookup with. Since it is very adult related as the name suggests, it is not available on the app store or play store unfortunately, but you can use it as a web platform on your PC or mac. We suggest you check it out!

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3. Tinder

IMG_1941Tinder is one of the first and most popular dating apps. Although it is notorious for fake profiles and bots, it still has the most users over all other dating and hookup apps, so there’s still a chance you can find someone. Personally I wouldn’t recommend Tinder, but I know plenty of people who have had great experiences on it. For me personally, it just takes a while to find a real person but I guess that really depends on your location. Regardless, Tinder is still going strong and has helped thousands of people around each other hook up.

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4. Bumble

IMG_1943In recent months, the new app Bumble has taken the dating and hookup app scene by storm What separates Bumble from its competitors is that it only allows the woman to send the message first, thus allowing her to avoid creeps and unwarranted sexual messages. If you are a man looking for a quick hookup, this might not be the best app but it surely helps filter out the fake profiles. We didn’t notice too many fake profiles on Bumble and we had a great experience using it.

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This pretty concludes out hookup app reviews. Got one that you think we may have missed? Contact us to let us know!

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