Is Online Dating Dead?

I’ve spent a ton of time online dating as many of you already know, but there’s a really huge thing going on right now stating that online dating is dead, or that its a waste of time. I can firmly say that this notion is not true as I among many others have been very successful at this game and so can you.

Are online hookups and dating really dead?

According to this article from CNN, apps such as Bumble, Tinder, and Snapsext are implementing this new wave of hookup culture that some are experiencing and it is completely destroying online dating. It states that the hookup culture has destroyed the potential to find real love. I can say to you firmly and confidently that this article by CNN is completely false and was just written to generate clicks, along with the many other ones that are out there. That’s how these big news agencies work, when they write garbage like this its to generate commotion and they do it at the expense of the truth with no shame.

Online dating and hookups¬†are stronger than they ever have been before, don’t listen to all the negative hype. The only trend that I could see changing is people are now getting married later as people now want to be out there and mingle and have fun longer rather than get married in their late teens or early twenties. Just because people are getting married now on average in their early 30s doesn’t mean they aren’t dating. How does one get married if they don’t go on dates??? Those articles are all clickbait BS.

Is the ‘hookup culture’ a problem?

Some say yes, some say no. I say no! Sex is a human instinct, so why not act on it? Society and religious shamers don’t want you to have sex because of whatever crazy reason they have brewing in their heads. Don’t listen to them. Do whatever you please! The usage of online dating and hookup apps have risen exponentially so that means the rate of random hookups has as well. If you haven’t tried these apps out yet then you should definitely. If you’ve been seeing this trend of anti-hooking up articles lately or in the future, just simply ignore it.


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